Pregnancy & Alexander Technique

Back Pain Relief for Pregnancy & Postpartum

with Michaela Wohlgemuth

New Workshop
Starting 1st Nov.

Thurs. 8pm – 9.15pm

1st Nov. – 29th Nov.

Cost incl. all €130 for 5 wk course

This 5-week course will help each individual to learn body awareness and find natural alignment and poise.

Michaela Wohlgemuth
Web / Email / 087 7556558

  • Relieve Pain & Stress
  • Adjust your alignment with your changing body
  • Allowing for easier breathing
  • Simple mindful skills you can apply to your daily life as well as guided relaxation
  • work at home and labor preparation
  • You will come away with some new tools for your self-care practice.

Pregnancy – Adjusting to the Bump

I love working with pregnant women. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is changing rapidly. It’s important to develop good habits early on to help avoid back pain.

I help women to strengthen their back and to find balance and ease, both physically and emotionally. We do a lot of work with bending to learn how to support the back properly both during pregnancy and when the baby arrives. I also have ways to show how not to arch the back which is a common posture during pregnancy.


We look at preparing for labour and getting ready for when the baby comes, being back and neck aware. One thing I focus on is the quality of touch so that the touch is supportive and not adding to tension.

It’s best to start as early as possibly – ideally from 3 months.

Adjusting to the Baby

There’s so much to adjust to when a new baby comes into the world, that mums (and dads/partners) can forget to think about their own bodies.  And this can cause havoc with their backs.

It can also be quite stressful and emotional.

In 5 week workshop, we can look at a range of practical activities such as:

  • bending and avoiding back ache: over the pram, cot, bath, changing mat
  • breastfeeding without straining your back and neck
  • sitting comfortably when playing with the kids on the floor
  • carrying your baby without arching the back
  • using baby car seats without damaging your back
  • how to find calm and reduce anxiety.

Included is a ‘Guided Talk-Through’ audio and a weekly text message to enhance your learning curve. You’ll leave with a self-care skill you then can use anytime and anywhere.

For further information about Michaela please see here.