Mindful Dynamic Rasa™ Yoga & Meditation for Everyone

with Rani Sheilagh

New Class
Starting 24th Sept.

Monday 8pm
+ 1/2 day workshop

€200 (10wks plus 1/2 day workshop)

These paced, intention-infused classes are perfect for everyone! Suitable for beginners, mature movers, improvers, experienced yogis and anyone looking to explore and go deeper into Yoga and Mindfulness.

Rani Sheilagh [yogarani]
WebEmail / 086 819 2377

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Classes will include gentle, yet Dynamic Rasa™ Yoga with mindful movement, flow and guided Mindfulness Meditation for an uplifting practice to nourish body, mind, spirit and soul. Come with an open-mind, ready for some challenge and expect to leave Feeling Good!

The workshop on Saturday 1 December (10am to 1pm) has us diving deeper and exploring Modern Day Mindfulness to generate joy, support health & wellness and fuel ‘be happy feel good’ energy in our lives.

For further information please see here.

Beginners Yoga

with Alison Kelly

New Class
Starting 26th Sept.

Wednesday 8pm

€75 per 6-week term or drop in €14


This will be a gentle flow class suitable for complete beginners or someone looking to slow down their practice. In each class we will learn to flow through postures, connect to our breath through pranayama and calm the mind.

Please bring your own mat.

Any questions at all please email me alikellyyoga@gmail.com or you can find me on Instagram @alisonkellyyoga

Hatha Yoga for Beginners

with Aileen Corbett

Resuming 2nd Oct.

Tuesday 9.20am

€70 (5 wks) Student/Unemployed €60 (5 wks)

As well as beginners, this class is suitable for those returning to yoga after some absence.

Aileen Corbett
Email / 086 057 2033

Gently, steadily explore and develop your body’s strength, your flexibility and sense of balance.

Become breath aware.

Explore the body – breath connection.

Learn to relax and let go.

Begin from where you are now.


All my life I enjoyed teaching, so it is not surprising that I wanted to share my discovery of yoga’s power to relax and revitalise.

I trained as a Hatha yoga teacher with the Irish Yoga Association. Their training is over a 4 year period to ensure a properly assimilated experience of yoga’s essential elements.

For further information please see here.

Empower yourself

& learn Self-Care Skills to manage stress, reduce pain and feel great.

with Michaela Wohlgemuth

New Course
Starting 27th Sept.

Thursday 8pm

Cost incl. all €120

This is a 5-week course providing a foundation in the basic ideas of the Alexander Technique before moving into explorations tailored to your individual interests.

Michaela Wohlgemuth
Web / Email / 087 7556558

Through explorations, games, hands-on work and observation, we’ll explore the idea of habit and its prevalence in the way we use our whole selves in our daily activities such as walking, sitting, standing, lifting and more.


  • Back – Neck Pain relief
  • Tension Reduction
  • Less Stress
  • More Energy
  • More Confidence
  • Better Sustainable Posture
  • Younger Looks

One reduced rate private lesson is available to course participants. Highly recommended as it gives you a chance to see what individual AT sessions are really like.


“I’m passionate about the transformative power of the Alexander Technique to release stress in body and mind. I guide my students in unlearning the patterns of habitual tension that cause pain and strain, leading to improved neuro-muscular coordination (that’s the way you move and think) for poise and ease in every activity. Whether you are a business person, gardener, competitive cyclist, performer, carer or all the above and more, the Alexander Technique can help you to do what you love with more strength, flexibility, ease, presence and resilience.”Michaela Wohlgemuth

For further information please see here.

BodySoul Community Group

following Marion Woodman’s Method

with Abigail Whyte

Next Workshop 28th Sept.

30th Nov. / 14th Dec.

Fridays (Monthly)
6.30 pm – 9.30 pm

€50 per session

Sessions include deep relaxation and movement, bringing movement to image/art and dream images in the body.

Abigail Whyte
Email / 086 0564 223

When doing is all we know, being is just another word for ceasing to exist. When being begins to flow through dance and paint and song, joy is no longer luxury but absolute need. – Marion Woodman (Jungian Analyst & Author)

BodySoul work holds that the psyche and soma are inseparable; therefore, body and mind are explored together in the service of healing and growth. BodySoul programmes involve listening to the body and paying attention to unfolding dreams. In this way, guided by the Self, space is provided for the unconscious to emerge through movement, voice-work, painting, journaling, myth and mask making.

BodySoul teaching has a strong base in the psychology of C.G.Jung, as developed by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, dance educator Mary Hamilton and voice coach Ann Skinner. Some current BodySoul programmes are explicitly informed by attachment theory and emerging research from the field of neuroscience.


Participants have/are attending Psychotherapy

What to bring:

Your weary body !!, soft blanket /throw, dream journal or note book


Abigail is a Marian Woodman Foundation Leadership Trainee and Clinical Psychologist. She has been involved in BodySoul work since 2006 and been facilitating a group at Clonlea Studios since 2013. The Group runs monthly on a Friday night.

To discover more visit mwoodmanfoundation

Global Harmonies

with Rachel Dempsey

Next Workshop 29th Sept.

27th Oct. / 24th Nov.

Saturdays (Monthly)
10am – 2pm

€65 or €55 early bird (2 weeks in advance)

Open to all regardless of vocal experience.

Rachel Dempsey
Web / Email / 086 309 7232

These workshops are a lovely mixture of:

  • healing the chakras through sound
  • exploring vowel sounds and natural sounds such as laughter and groaning
    breathing, stretching and energy awareness exercises
  • deep meditative chanting from various spiritual traditions, followed by restorative silence
  • learning about musical cultures and wisdom from around the world
  • global harmony songs for change and transformation, personally and globally
    indigenous songs with movement and percussion to connect to mother earth
  • sound baths for individuals to receive sound energy and love from the whole group
  • improvisation and exploring ourselves and our connections to others through free vocal expression


For further information please see here.