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Rachel Dempsey

Rachel Dempsey - Clonlea Yoga Studio

Global Harmonies

Saturdays 10am-2pm

€65 or €55 early bird (2 weeks in advance)

(Please see Complementary Practices page for dates) 

Open to all regardless of vocal experience, these workshops are a lovely mixture of:

  • healing the chakras through sound
  • exploring vowel sounds and natural sounds such as laughter and groaning
  • breathing, stretching and energy awareness exercises
  • deep meditative chanting from various spiritual traditions, followed by restorative silence
  • learning about musical cultures and wisdom from around the world
  • global harmony songs for change and transformation, personally and globally
  • indigenous songs with movement and percussion to connect to mother earth
  • sound baths for individuals to receive sound energy and love from the whole group
  • improvisation and exploring ourselves and our connections to others through free vocal expression


Rachel Dempsey has been running Global Harmonies workshops and events since 1997. Rachel is dedicated to promoting harmony in individuals, communities and the world, through singing and voice work. Rachel has a background in ethnomusicology and has also studied Sound Healing with Daniel Perret, and believes that we can harness the wisdom of cultures from around the world and use voice and sound to connect to ourselves, to others and to spirit. She has a very inclusive approach and has worked with many groups in Ireland and beyond.


Rachel Dempsey
086 309 7232


Clonlea Yoga Studio, 28b Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland
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